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For the inexperienced taxpayer, planning for tax season can feel terrifying, or even impossible. While this fear can get easier to manage as the years go on, taxes also generally get more complicated as you get older—as you accumulate wealth, have children, earn more money, or invest. At Mateo E. Jungman, EA, CPA, taxes are what I do—and that includes knowing all the best tax strategies that will have your return filled out and ready to file as quickly and easily as possible. Taxes are different for everyone, and I encourage you to contact me now at (210) 842-8197 for more information on my services or to get started.

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Mateo E. Jungman, EA, CPA Offers Tax Strategies and Solutions

There are many different effective strategies for keeping up on your taxes, so that filing doesn’t have to be a nightmare when it gets close to the tax deadline. Some of those strategies, especially if you have multiple income streams, can include:

  • Doing a little bit of work on your taxes every day. Even 20 minutes daily can add up and make a huge difference down the line.
  • Keep hard copies of all your files and documents. Many struggles can be avoided by quickly photocopying anything that might be relevant.
  • Employ the help of Mateo.

I Can Help You Figure Out if You Have to File a Tax Return

If your only income in the last tax year was from Social Security benefits, Disability Insurance, or Supplemental Security income, then you might not have to file a tax return at all. If you’re unsure of how these rules affect you, or if your income in the last year was from something that wasn’t an investment or a job, you should contact me to get the details about whether you have to file or not.

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Some people have to file, but don’t have to pay. If you’re a single person, younger than 65, and earned $12,550 or less in the last tax year, you don’t owe any taxes. These figures shift if you’re older than 65, if you’re one half of a married couple who is filing together, or if you’re the head of household. A married person filing separately can earn as much as $12,550. These figures are also based on your income after necessary deductions—so, you could make much more than that annually and still owe little or no tax.

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I can filing taxes and make sure you get the most beneficial outcome at the end of the process. Contact me now to make an appointment or to get more information on the services I provide.

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Mateo E. Jungman, EA, CPA offers Tax Planning Services to clients across San Antonio, New Braunfels, Alamo Heights, and the surrounding areas.

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